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On The Technique Series

Richard Fiore - Licentiate, (LAB, LAR, T) Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

‘On The Technique’ is a broad range of articles written about enhancement of various dance techniques and skills. Topics include common dance figures, scientific principles relevant to dance, health, aspects of social interaction and more. 

Richard Fiore is a professional Dance Educator and Trainer with a passion for helping others to realize their full dance potential through the continued development and refinement of dance skills. He uses a toolbox approach based on building essential techniques that are transportable between many dance styles. Richard has been actively teaching Ballroom, Rhythm and Latin dance in group, private and special events choreography sessions and uses best practice syllabus-based techniques to help refine skills.


For information contact Richard at 516-398-6145 or email:

Discover the art of connection, the joy of movement, and the transformative power of dance.

Dance Techniques


December 2022


Feet Positions

March 2023


Foot Articulation

January 2023


Footwork and Hip Motion

March 2019


Closed Dance Frame

September 2022


Open Dance Frame

October 2022


The Circle in the Square

November 2022


On Grounding

October 2018


Solo Dancing

November 2018


Floor Craft

August 2023


Partnering Skills (PT1): The Mechanics

(PT 1) October 2019


Underarm Turns: Handhold Techniques

(PT 2) March 2022


Keeping in Time

January 2021


Turning to Promenade

July 2020


Connection Points Smooth Dancing

(PT 1) May 2018


Connection Points, Common Errors

(PT 2) June 2018

Dance Figures

Underarm Turns: Introduction

(PT 1) February 2022

Switch Turn

March 2021

Crossover Breaks - The Basics

(PT 1) May 2022

Crossover Breaks - Variations

(PT 2) June 2022

Second Position Breaks

October 2021

Rock Step

January 2020

Cross Body Lead

April 2022

Outside Breaks

January 2022

5th Position Breaks

November 2021

American Spin Turn

February 2020


Spiral Turns

January 2019

Cha Cha Chasse Step

June 2021

Scientific Principles

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